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Steve Smith, some people call me Monkey Paw or tevemith: I wrote this with my own ten fingers. In 1986, I migrated to the bass my sophomore year in high school from trumpet. Originally to fill a void in the jazz band, I just sort of took to it and figured out it was a lot easier for me to practice bass than to let my face fall off after an hour or two of trumpet. Additionally I appreciate the role the bass plays in music more so than a trumpet, not to say it wasnít fun cranking out double gís with out having my brains on the floorÖ

Iíve done quite a lot of live performances in the Chicago Area with Echosend, in Wisconsin, Colorado with Chris Aaron (R.I.P.) and on my own sitting in with other bands or concerts. I take to the stage in a professional and fun manner, like itís the thing that I want to be doing right now, jamming!

Studies: I followed the music program beginning in the 5th grade through college. College courses in Music theory, appreciation, composition, and performance. I took private lessons on Piano, Organ, Trumpet, Acoustic Bass, Electric bass. Music has had a hold on my life for some time, and I wonít let it go.

Influences: In no particular order... Compositions in Jazz, improvisation in Jazz, free improvisation, davis Jazz, rock, hard rock, girl rock, heavy rock, zeppelin rock, yes rock, cool players like pat metheny, miles davis and the decendents or associated musicians of Davisís groups, Ralph towner, Kenny wheeler, ebarhard weber, jaco, weather report, tool, pears, woody herman orch, maynard fergusson bands, buddy rich bands, lyle mays, bill evans, miroslav vitous, chick corea, jimi, bill frisell, king crimson and the like, mahler, mmw, floyd, radiohead, dave Holland, steve kuhn, the ecm label, police, jeff beck, rocco prestia, marcus miller, ray brown, ray charles, Frank, Zappa, Sabbath, ac dc, van halen, 311 and some of my friends are just of the few influences on my music. Iím always seeking more.

I've played on the following recordings:Echosend-I promise you, Echosend-self titled, Troy-Gemini, Digable Cat-Scratch Traxx, Mister Fister-self titled, Bubotto-8, Miles Ahead, Paris Delane's Tye Dye Skye Band. Chris Aaron Band 2009-2014 Recordings. A couple of shoeboxes full of tapes and cds.. and started filling hard drives now.

Basses: Hamer USA Cruisebass 5 string, Lakland 5 string, Bruce Rose "Ditka Cigarbox" 5 String Fretless, 1938 Kay M1 Double Bass 1986 Cort 4 string fretlessÖ my first bass that I have beat on for years.

Directive: I play music because I enjoy it. I enjoy playing with players that inspire me to play more, as well as share in the experience. One that can recognize music as communicative language, can appreciate music. Iíve been lucky enough to have been able to play with a lot fun players that enjoy music much like I do.